Sunday, 25 October 2009

Obligatory Introduction

I guess that if you're reading this, you're probably into beer and happened to stumble here with some sort of drunken delusions that I have anything useful to offer. In fact, this blog will probably be quite the opposite, but the beer blog market is heavily saturated enough that I figure one more can't hurt. I've put it off long enough and I don't think my housemates can't take much more of my beer ramblings. I know I'm late to the fold, but I want in on the action! I've put it off long enough, so "hello bandwagon!"

Not that you'll care (get to the beer stuff, right?), but I'll introduce myself and my aims for this blog, should I actually remember I created it in the morning. The name's Shaun, folks. I'm a 20 year old Norfolk lad in the wilds of the south reading English & American Literature with Creative Writing, in my third year at the University of Kent, Canterbury. Don't expect any creativity here though. This is bare bones stuff, ya'll. Just a humble (read: poor, but that's expected) student crawling his way through the 'wonderful world of beer'. See? No pretensions. I can't get much more cliched than that.

If I drink a beer, I might write about it here. Chances are I won't, since I don't think they'll buy it when I try and hand in an amateur's critique on the latest (insert micro brewery here) batch as an acceptable alternative to a close reading on Middlemarch. So expect periods of drought - probably when I have no work due - and expect periods of spontaneous beer reviews or just general things of interest to me - mostly to avoid being productive, spurred by having a 3000 word essay due in for 12 the next day. But don't expect to learn anything.

That's all for now. Pass it on.

Post scriptum. "Spare some change, mister?"

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